Embroidery can help with your health

Anything that you can do with your hands, can do good for your overall health and yes, Embroidery can help you get healthy.

In this article, we will talk about Embroidering,  a traditional art form that not only beneficial aesthetically, but even emotionally and physiologically.

In fact, more and more studies have proven how Embroidery can benefit one’s health. So, if you are looking for a new hobby or passion, here are some of the reasons why Embroidery (we love the cross stitch part of it) can be extremely beneficial for you.

Discovering the Creativity on Everyone

Creating or just choosing the design up to give the final touch on the embroidery requires a lot of discipline and creativity. With time, it has been proven that people become more creative through continuous exposure and focus on patterns, colors, and stitches. Like any other art form, creativity is something that needs continuous training and development — and embroidery can magically help with that.

Better Brain Function

More than never doctors are encouraging their patients,  to engage in activities that will help keep their brains functions. Being able to maneuver the thread and needle precisely and creating and following a certain pattern or design definitely helps the brain function on elders and accelerate it on youngers,  even bring positive benefits to those with mental problems, especially with dementia and Alzheimer's.

Good-Bye to Stress

Embroidery is not just for housewives or senior citizens. Aside from being used in textiles, they are becoming therapeutic methods in relieving stress and anxiety. The current generation of working people is more inclined to always being on their toes and hitting the ground running. This leads them to nerve-racking or even chaotic modern working patterns.

To avoid bottling in all the accumulated stress, sometimes they just need to tune out all the noise and enjoy the simpler things in life — and this can be achieved through the relaxing and therapeutic benefits of embroidery

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